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Does God Still Speak?

I’ve heard this question many times in my life. Sometimes from believers, sometimes from those still seeking God, but both groups searching for the same thing, “Does God still care enough to listen to my heartfelt cry because I don’t hear His voice?”

Our relationship with God is a reflection of how much we value Him and what we are truly seeking from Him. Do we do all of the talking in our time of prayer or is our time balanced where we give Him opportunity to speak? If God knocked on your door this morning and sat down for a cup of coffee with you what would you say, what would that conversation look like? Would God end up leaving with so much on His heart He had to tell you, but was not given enough time to speak as you did all the talking?

Our prayer life should be a time to both share the concerns of our heart and then take time to listen for His voice. He still speaks, the question is are we pausing enough in our conversation to allow Him to do so?

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