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First Book Review

Greg, I read your book this afternoon.  I loved your writing style.  There was no pretense, no attempt to impress by sounding intelligent or clever.  Just a guy that put a lot of thought into his life and career.  Your words flowed smoothly presenting your stories in an easy to understand format…..well organized.

There was just enough of religion to let the reader know Jesus is a big part of your story….your life.  It was presented in such a way I don’t see it as being a problem for nonbelievers.  It calmed me down when I was brought to the brink of crying knowing you had to go though so much but then knowing Jesus was with you all of the way.  I can only imagine what Vicki was going through…with all of the ups and downs and uncertainty.  But I bet she would agree that a man with integrity and convictions and the strength to follow through with them is worth every ounce of discomfort she may have felt being at your side.

The one problem I see with this book is that the people that need to read and learn from this can’t be honest enough with themselves to get anything out of it.  But it’s good for the rest of us to know we’re not alone.

I was uncomfortable having to relive the working part of my life while reading your stories.  It’s not easy working in a world of Brake Leaders.  But to be a woman in a man’s world full of Brake Leaders is another book.  But, it was a choice I made and stuck to for 35 yrs hoping I would live long enough to reap the benefits in a nice retirement.  I couldn’t have done it without my Lord and Savior.  He was/is my sanity.  And now I am so blessed….more than I deserve.

I can’t wait for your next book to come out.


Patti Harper

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