Inspire/Encourage Others

Happy Tuesday! One of the goals behind writing my book and sharing my stories was to encourage and inspire others in their journey, that they’re not alone and there is hope to see them through.

Recently, I’ve had people reach out to me after reading my book and ask if they could purchase a copy for their family or friends and have me write a personal note of encouragement to them, which I’m glad to do. One was from a Father whose son recently graduated and now working under a Brake Leader and having a very difficult time. Typical brake style as I describe in my book. I was glad to personalize it with specific encouragement and autograph it for his son. What a blessing to do so.

I have to tell you how humbled I am and thankful to God to help in anyway I can. If you know someone who is going through difficulty at work or life in general and would like to encourage them with a personalized message, purchase a copy through my website and send me a note as well and I’ll get it in the mail to them. Have a blessed day.

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