‘Momentum: A Faith Powered Journey’  by author Gregory S. Cope is a riveting book which details the author’s faith lessons as he learned to trust God through a broken marriage, volatile bosses, job losses and several unplanned moves.  A life transformed, sins forgiven, a marriage restored, and a commitment to be a warrior for his newfound faith has him on the adventure of a lifetime.

Growing up in church, author Gregory S. Cope knew about God but never embraced his need for a faith of his own. Burdened by the weight of poor decisions, Gregory finds himself in a situation that spun out of control from the dreams he once had. Facing unintended and painful consequences, Gregory wonders how his marriage can be restored. Is it even possible? Where does it begin? How will it start? Searching for answers in the depth of despair, he is drawn to say a prayer and light a candle after the birth of his first child. Did anyone hear his prayer? Can anyone help him put all the shattered pieces of his life back together?

Compelled to pick up a copy of Power for Living, Gregory is motivated to review the stories within that are filled with faith and hope. But what or who is enticing him to keep reading? What is the source behind this spark of hope he is starting to have? All these years later, broken with nowhere to turn, he is searching for faith, purpose, and the power to transform his life. Has he found it? But who is leading the way? What is the source of this power? Step inside and experience an inspiring journey of God’s faithfulness, one you don’t want to miss.

"This book takes the reader through the life of a young lost man who turns his life and heart over to Jesus and begins an unimaginable journey as God works in his life drawing him to trust Him with every step."
Vicki Cope
Wife of Author
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