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Momentum: The Transformational Power of Leadership details the leadership lessons I’ve learned throughout my over thirty-eight-year career in manufacturing and logistics. From small privately-owned companies of fifteen employees to large Fortune 500 companies with tens of thousands of employees, I’ve had a front row seat to watch leaders and the organizations they lead rise and fall. I’ve witnessed firsthand how leaders can propel their companies forward with the power of momentum or can stop progress dead in its tracks with their power braking tendencies.

Through my experiences—some good, some bad, some shocking—I share three distinct styles of leadership I’ve learned and discuss which style is most effective to help readers and the organizations they lead solve problems on a daily basis, build stronger teams, drive out cost, and help increase revenue. You’ll read the stories and see that each leadership style has a predicable outcome that is repeated in story after story. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or are a seasoned veteran, if you’re ready to become the leader your organization needs, this book is for you. Step up and experience how true momentum will transform the power of your leadership!

Reader Reviews

"What a terrific read!...great, practical advice on how to navigate challenging bosses and combatting this with Biblical advice that will not only help in the workplace, but life in general.....a must have in every library!"
Kevin McDonald
Content Specialist
"Greg is a very gifted writer. I found this book very inspiring and offers many suggestions on how to be a good momentum leader. I appreciate the fact that he was able to stick to his Christian values throughout his career despite all of the challenges. I highly recommend this book."
Dawn Dunkle
"This book was a good read, and the author explains the three concepts discussed using his own past experiences. While reading the book, I was able to take the authors stories and visualize them with my own past situations. Although I don’t think I had it as bad as he did at times, it gave me a better understanding of leadership styles. I’ve always tried to be in the momentum category; however, this read helped refresh some concepts I need to improve on."
Bill Gibbons
Director of Operations
"Through the authors many personal experiences working under good and bad management styles, he uses the analogy of a vehicles momentum and braking to show how managers can move an organization forward, or slow it to a stop. While telling the sometimes painful stories of his encounters, he shows the impacts on the businesses, him personally, and on other employees. He gives many concrete examples of the right way to manage and keep momentum going, even using passages from the Bible as lessons that could prevent many of the problems described."
David Rust
"An insightful book about various leadership styles with personal examples of which styles succeed, and which ones do not. The writing style makes it very easy to read and understand. With Greg’s over 38 years of experience in the work field, it is clear he understands leadership and how to drive a business to success. This book is a great read for anyone who desires to strengthen their leadership skills for becoming a true Momentum Leader.
Stephanie Mayhew
Associate Manager

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