Welcome from the Author

Thanks for stopping by! My passion in life and love for the Lord have led me to publish two books within the last 12 months.  Amazing, and something that was only possible through many hours of prayer, seeking God’s wisdom and guidance every step of the way.

My first book, ‘Momentum: The Transformational Power of Leadership’ was published on December 22nd, 2021 with a focus on the leadership lessons I’ve learned over my 38 year career in manufacturing and logistics. Filled with powerful lessons that take the reader inside the story to experience the three different styles I’ve identified. From the very worst, Brake Leaders,  the bully who loves to lead with their loud mouth and threats, to the Power Braking Leaders, who lead with hidden agendas, and then finally on to the Momentum Leaders, the best, most effective style who lead with integrity and engagement. Section one on Brake Leaders is  difficult for some readers as it brings back horrible memories of bad bosses or other relationships they’ve had in their life.  The goal is to lead the reader to experience the powerful impact Momentum Leaders have and the success they enjoy as a result. It will give the student an eye opening lesson on the reality of the behaviors leaders express outside the comfortable setting of a classroom. 

My 2nd book, ‘Momentum: A Faith Powered Journey,’  was published November 28th, 2022. This book removes all the leadership lessons from book 1, puts the work stories in chronological order and adds the faith journey of how God was working all things together for my good through all the trials. Filled with many faith lessons, the goal is for the reader to experience my life from a lost soul to becoming a warrior for the faith I profess. That God is the good and faithful God of the Bible He promises to be through every valley and hardship, He has a purpose for my life.

Thanks again! I hope you enjoy the leadership and faith lessons I share. Praying God’s blessings on you as you draw closer to Him and experience His goodness in your life.

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